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date     Title   director    actors  Production     from
1954 The constant husband Sidney Gilliat Rex harrisson, Kay Kendall, Margaret Leighton, Cecil Parker, Georges Cole BRITISH LION LONDON FILMS
1956 The weapon Val Guest Steve Cochran, Lisabeth Scott PENCLEAN
1956 Rogue's yarn Derek Bond CRESSWELL Oct. à Déc.
1958 The scape goat Robert Hamer Alec Guinness, Bette Davis, Pamela Brown MGM RELEASE Juin & Juil.
1960 His and hers Brian Desmond Hurst Terry Thomas, Janet Scott, Wilfrid Hyde-Wythe, Oliver Reed SABRE FILM Juin & Juil.
1960 Dont' bother to knock Cyril Frankel Richard Todd, Elke Sommer, Judith Anderson, Rik Battaglia, June Thoburn ASSOCIATED BRIT. PRESENTS début 1961
1961 The day of the triffids Steve Sekely Howard keel PHILIP YORDAN SECURITY PICT.Ltd

Shepperton Studios

Août à Oct.
1962 The very edge Cyril Frankel Richard Todd BRITISH LION GARRICK Juil. à Sept.

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