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Date           Title   director      actors      from
1952 Little boy lost Georges Seaton Bing Crosby, Claude Dauphin, Christian Fourcade,Gabrielle Dorziat, Colette Deréal, Georgette Anys PARAMOUNT Août àDéc.1952


1953 The secret of the Incas Jerry Hopper Charlton Heston, Robert Young, Thomas Mitchell, Glenda farrel, Yma Soumac PARAMOUNT
1955 The bold and the brave Lewis Foster Mickey Rooney, Wendell Corey, Don Taylor   FILMAKERS
1957 Me and the colonel Peter Glenville Dany Kaye, Curt Jurgens   COLUMBIA oct. à Déc.1957
1959 The Jayhawkers Melvin Franck Jeff Chandler, Fess Parker, Henri da silva PARAMOUNT
1959 The house of the seven hawks Richard Thorpe Robert taylor MGM & CORONADO Mai & juin 1959
1960 High time Blake Edwards Bing Crosby, Richard Beemer, Fabian, Tuesday Weld XXth CENTURY FOX  TCF & Bing Crosby Avril à Juin 1960

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